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Recoverable plastic microdrive

Plastic microdrive for silicon probe recordings. Below are necessary design files and detailed instructions for printing and assembling the microdrives yourself. height: 16 mm; travel distance 4.8 mm

Recoverable plastic microdrive

Table of contents

  1. Printing and assembly instructions
  2. Materials
  3. Citations

Printing and assembly instructions

Download stl files from our GitHub repository. The stl files are optimized for Formlabs Form2 printer and Grey-v4/Clear-v4 Resin. For other printers and/or resins, some modifications may be necessary.

Below links are youtube videos with instructions:

  1. Microdrive assembly
  2. Probe attachment to microdrive
  3. Probe recovery

Detailed assembly instructions are available for the microdrive.


Plastic microdrive v21 (1/2”)

QtyNameVendorItem number/Link
700-90 nutMcMaster92736A112
200-90 screw 1/2”McMaster92482A235
400-90 screw 1/4”McMaster93701A005
1male header pinDigiKeySAM1067-40-ND

Additional tools

QtyNameVendorItem number/LinkNotes
1T2 screwdriverMcMaster52995A31Only T2 is necessary!
100-90 TapMcMaster2504A14Or similar 00-90 tap
11.2 mm drill bitMcMaster2958A29Or similar drill bit


This microdrive was modified based on Hiroyuki Miyawaki’s design. The latest version of their microdrive is available here.

The original idea of the drive is described in the following paper:

Micro-drive and headgear for chronic implant and recovery of optoelectronic probes Jinho Chung, Farnaz Sharif, Dajung Jung, Soyoun Kim & Sebastien Royer Scientific Reportsvolume 7, Article number: 2773 (2017) doi:10.1038/s41598-017-03340-5

The designs are distributed under GNU GPLv3 license.