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Mouse cap system

Mouse cap design for silicon probe implantation. The fully assembled cap weighs 2.2 g.

Mouse cap system

Table of contents

  1. Printing and assembly instructions
  2. Materials
  3. Stl files
    1. Mouse cap base
    2. Left wall
    3. Right wall
    4. Copper mesh cut-out
  4. Citations

Printing and assembly instructions

Download stl files from our GitHub repository. The stl files are optimized for Formlabs Form2 printer and Grey-v4/Clear-v4 Resin. For other printers and/or resins, some modifications may be necessary.

See video below. Detailed assembly instructions are available for the cap system.

The assembly video is also available on youtube.


Mouse cap v11

QtyNameVendorItem number/Link
3000-120 screw 1/8”McMaster96710A001
1male header pinDigiKeySAM1067-40-ND
 copper meshDexmet3CU6-050FA

Additional tools

QtyNameVendorItem number/LinkNotes
1T1 screwdriverMcMaster52995A3 
1000-120 tapMcMaster2504A15Or similar tap.

Additional chemicals

QtyNameVendorItem number/LinkNotes
1Cyanoacrylate glueLoctite45208Gel control
1Unifast Trad IvoryPearson DentalG05-1224 
1Unifast Trad LiquidPearson DentalG05-0037 
1Soldering ironStannol574104 
1Solder PasteQuick Chip23271700 

Stl files

All stl files are available for download from our GitHub repository.

Mouse cap base

Left wall

Right wall

Copper mesh cut-out


If you use our designs, please cite our paper: Metal microdrive and head cap system for silicon probe recovery in freely moving rodent Mihály Vöröslakos, Peter C. Petersen, Balázs Vöröslakos, György Buzsáki doi:

The designs are distributed under GNU GPLv3 license.